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Character Name:

Nev, she was originally created for a Iron Kingdom's tabletop RPG, but after the game finished I moved her to a novella, set in a late medieval fantasy setting. Largely due to these two settings I never actually thought of a sir name for her.

Character Type:

Nev is an original Role-playing and Novella character.


She's about 19-early twenties and appears to be that age. She about five foot and the slender, but she has a wiry strength. Her complexion is a soft brown and her hair is a iron-black color and it is plentiful soft and floofy. Her face is heart shaped with big wandering dark blue and brown eyes. She is prone to being spacey (more on that regarding her personality)but she doesn't appear ditsy. She dresses in a very feminine way dresses being perhaps the only type of garments she has. She usually has a dress with one of two cheerful colors. I could see her wearing and loving this dress http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/7b/6a/4e/7b6a4e5e949509208d21927abe39fb8c.jpg.


Nev is kindhearted and bubbly. Although due to her upbringing (more about that in history) she can seem sheltered and almost childlike. Despite this she has learned a great deal and has had a range of experiences that are hard to manage. This sometimes makes her seem \ touched in the head. She’s on the mad side, but in a largely harmless way. Her personality baseline is bubbly and eager to serve, but she can also be gripped by an overpowering fear that is triggered by magics dealing with the soul and it's binding and or its destruction. This dislike of tampering with the soul also makes her wildly distrust and dislike demons and magic users who specialize in infernal deals and demon summoning. In the table top game she was in, the party incountered a woman’s soul who had been forcibly sacrificed for a demon deal. The spell was botched and the woman was trapped. Nev took this very hard and made it be goal to free the woman’s soul.


Nev was born to a peasant couple living in the marshes. Tragedy struck the couple at the time of her birth when both mother and child died. In desperation her father made a deal with a powerful necromancer to save the life of both his wife and the baby Nev. Since their deaths were so recent the necromancer could retrieve them from "the place between", he agreed to do so in return for Nev. So he could have someone to serve him and help him with his work. Her father hated this arrangement, but he couldn't bear to lose both his wife and child. It turned out very profitable for the Necromancer as he soon learned Nev had innate magic.

In the setting that her stories take place, those with magical abilities can practice any magic to a about 12 when the apprentice's magic settles. Once that has happened their magic it set solidly within that particular practice, they cannot practice a different form of magic. Necromancers within the setting raise the dead, perform amazing taxidermy, preservation of things living and dead, communication with the dead, the capture of souls and at the very highest level retrieving souls from the space between life and death and trying to preserve a soul within a body that will not give out to senescent. Like many fantasy settings Necromancers are not appreciated and few get into this school of magic without very strong reasons, despair, an abject fear of death are often examples. Nev was taken in by the necromancer who became her master. As is customary for dark magic users, he lived away from town to avoid the wrath of magic and non-magic users alike. They settled into the near by marshes. He kept to himself and isolated Nev even more. She grew-up used to death. Her master re-enforced normalcy of zombies, which Nev named "helpers" and that decay could be learned from and halted or heightened. He managed to teach her about half of what his master had taught him. The only outside contact Nev had with others was with few and far between trips to the villages for goods, even than her master kept a handle on everything.

This life may have continued for many years to come, if the necromancer had not stepped up his experiments to the level of soul manipulation. This lead to an awful accident which killed him and traumatized Nev to the point she still, even years later, cannot speak of what happened. She still abhors necromantic magic involving the soul. She has promised herself that she will not do such magic and has squashed any sign of it in herself. She can still see the dead, but doesn't communicate unless they seem to be in distress and need help. The overwhelming fear mentioned above comes from this experience. Her master’s death left Nev alone in the world, it's at this point that all that her stories commence.


According to the magical rules I set out for Nev she is only been through half of a necromancer's total training. The second half would have involved magic of preservation and or removal of decay and energy transference to prepare for later life energy work. However, in order to fully understand life and preservation of it, necromancers learn first about decaying and the breakdown of all matter. The preservation enables them to make long lasting zombies and preservation of objects and in ultimate hope of life within an object or body. Nev's master died before he could begin her lessons on preservation; as a result she has only the break-down part of necromancy. She can spoil food, and decay all sorts of objects, rust metals, and others. If she does raise a zombie or a skeleton they rot away within a week. Raising the dead also is very taxing on her. Despite this Necromancers of Nev’s variety are draw to raising the dead, to the point that the urge to do so eventually becomes irresistible. This has lead to Nev being forced out of several towns before finding the town in Werebox. Will she be able to control her craving or will she have to be removed from the town where she’s felt the most comfortable since her original home in the marshes?


In the case of werebox and most of her stories, Nev doesn’t own many items. She has an old 1980’s van, which she uses as a place to stay and travel in. It looks something like this, but with the addition of bookshelves with books which are jungy corded for when she drives the van.

Other than the van she has a about ten dresses lots of leggings and some socks, knickers, bras. She has a couple of van bed length bookshelves filled with her books. A obsidian mirror and some spells components and few miscellaneous things. She doesn’t really have anything lasting and self significant.


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